All Natural Decontamination Services & Equipment

We can provide an extra line of defense in bio preparedness, especially for high risk groups such as the elderly and immune compromised.

Home Decontamination Service

Rapid Whole Interior No-Touch Decontamination of All Surfaces

Your Choice of Disinfectant Applications:

Option 1 – Standard

  • Ultra Fine Mist Fogging Application
  • EPA registered and hospital grade antimicrobial
  • Botanical based solution (less toxic than white vinegar)
  • Residue Free
  • Naturally lightly scented
  • Hand applied with pneumatic Ultra Fine Mist fogging system


Option 2 – Premium (Halo)

  • Atomized Dry Fog Application
  • Safe Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver Ion based solution
  • EPA registered and medical grade 6 log kill antimicrobial disinfectant
  • NO Residue
  • Scent Free
  • Naturally Off gases as water and oxygen
  • Applied through our exclusive HaloFogger Disinfectant Dry Fog System

Indoor Air Quality Purification systems (by Enviroklenz)

  • Hospital Grade HEPA Particulate Filtration (Pollen, dust mites, dust)
  • Volatile Organic Conpounds and Odor Filtration (Chemicals/formaldehyde)
  • Biological filtration (Viruses, bacteria, mold spores)
  • ** Available Lifetime Warranty **
  • Great line of defense against airborne viruses and contaminants that can remain airborne for as long as 3 hours* according to current studies.
  • Great for clients with Allergen sensitivities / Asthma / COPD or Chemical Sensitivities


Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitation Service

Moldease now offers professional duct cleaning & sanitation services to residents in Port St Lucie and Fort Pierce, Florida, and the surrounding areas. This service includes:

  • Premium and thorough air duct cleanings
  • Video Inspection available for damage or contamination in uncertain areas
  • Best available pneumatic cleaning systems ran by certified trained technicians / Hypervac Equipment
  • Medical Grade Ductwork Sanitation with EPA registered solutions
  • Financing Available
  • Chemical and PAA free

Special Financing Options for all Decontamination Services Now Available due to COVID-19!

Moldease is located in Vero Beach, Florida, and has specialized in providing safe & effective all natural decontamination services & equipment to residents in Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, Palm City, Palm Bay, and the surrounding areas, protecting you from harmful germs and viruses such as COVID-19 and eliminating them from all surfaces indoors.

We now offer financing to help everyone & anyone that have been affected financially by this pandemic. We understand cash flow may be limited at this time, but don’t let that stop you from staying healthy and protecting your loved ones, we can help. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment today.

Indoor Infection Control Package

Our full service infection control package includes all 3 services listed below, providing a strong line of defense against microbial contamination, can inhibit growth and keep bacteria and viruses (such as COVID-19) from surviving on all surfaces.


  1. Full No-Touch Surface disinfecting service – ceilings, walls, floors and contents surfaces
    Recent studies have shown full property decontamination to kill all microbes located in and on the property surfaces
  2. Air Purification with Biological (virus) growth filtration
    Helps to filter out and kill active microbes in air that according to recent studies can remain airborne for as long as 3 hours before landing on a surface or being ingested by an occupant
  3. HVAC Duct cleaning & medical grade sanitation with video inspection
    Prevent cross contamination from contaminants hidden in duct-work


This packages provides complete, thorough, and quick disinfecting of all surfaces of the home with maintenance and protection against incoming contaminants. For an estimate on this special infection control package that can help fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, please fill out the form below or call now!

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