Not sure why your newer, energy efficient home could develop a mold issue?

In reality, it is quite easy and is becoming a growing issue all over Florida and the entire country.

The reason behind this is because the same building codes and materials used to make the homes more efficient, by keeping the heat or ac in and the water from getting in, ALSO makes any water, or extra water vapor, that happens to be in the house hard to get out and/or dry out. Now all you need is that combination of the organic building materials of your home combined with this water for an extended amount of time and.. vuallah! You have mold growth!

Well how does the water even get there you may ask? Sometimes the source of this water could be a small plumbing leak in a wall, or possibly a small roof leak. Typically mold growth in the home is due to a rise in water vapor in the home (or relative humidity) and is seen from things like:

  • Unbalanced or oversized air conditioning units
  • Plugged or improper ventilation vents in attics
  • Home’s sitting without dehumidification for too long (Newer vacation homes)

Long story short, it is typically nothing that is all that difficult or complex to fix. It just takes the right tools to KNOW exactly what is going on so that it could be fixed right the first time with the proper methods.

The biggest problem here is there are some invasive species of mold that love not having the competition of other molds from outside and use that as their chance to spread as quickly as possible. Remember we ARE dealing with a live fungal issue here, so these issues should not be ignored. However, caught early enough, never really become much of an issue to handle at all.