MOLDEASE provides All Natural and traditional mold remediation services

Why choose us?

We believe in ensuring a safe and wholesome environment for families and loved ones both in their homes and workplaces. We do that by applying up-to-date guidance from credible experts; and using state-of-the-art technologies and methods to identify and resolve indoor air quality and mold-related problems. We can provide a comprehensive home inspection and apply all-natural solutions to eliminate and/or prevent indoor air pollution problems and mold intrusion.

At MOLDEASE we believe in keeping our process as Natural, Simple, Thorough, and Cost Effective as possible.

A Free Inspection?

It all begins with us providing free property evaluations and inspections using industry leading equipment. This includes Thermal Imagery Cameras (To see beyond what the eye can see), Digital Particle Counters (To count exactly how many and what size particles you are breathing), and Full-color Borescopes (To physically see inside walls and hard to reach spaces). The right tools in combination with our extensive knowledge are combined to isolate the exact issue and it’s root cause.

What if we confirm that a problem exists?

Next we build and price a full protocol (a plan of action) employing one or several of our innovative techniques and products to give you a complete and safe result as Naturally as possible. We don’t use dangerous chemical biocide products (i.e. poisons) that can persist in your environment and cause additional issues, and we also don’t use “enzyme” based products that can leave doubts as to whether the mold was thoroughly remediated. We use innovative EPA registered and approved solutions with advanced application machinery and methods that are efficient at eliminating mold. These products also have the added benefit of quickly breaking down and converting into pure oxygen and water vapor, leaving a safe, naturally purified result. It’s literally a breath of fresh air once completed!

After mold removal
Mold before removalAfter Mold removal

Who will actually perform the work?

Once authorized, the work will be performed by our courteous certified technicians. Steps will be taken to make sure the protocol is executed properly and as quickly as possible. Our techniques are so advanced, in fact, that we typically have the jobs completed in less then ONE day with little to almost no demolition to your property whatsoever. This way you can get back to enjoying your home with full peace of mind right away.

Is it possible to get Warranty?

In conjunction with our MOLDEASE MOLD CONTROL system we can warranty our work for 2 years to alleviate any worry of the mold issue returning allowing for even more peace of mind.
If the mold comes back, so do we. It’s just that simple.

What areas do you serve?

Our office is located in Vero Beach, Florida, and we serve the surrounding areas including Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie, Palm City, Palm Bay, and anywhere in Indian River County, St Lucie County, and Martin County.

Contact us or schedule a Free In-Home Evaluation to find out more about our process.

Before and after mold removal
Before and after mold removal in car