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At Moldease we believe everyone should live in a safe and clean indoor environment. This is why we offer on-site evaluations with industry-leading inspection tools. We might identify, or possibly rule out, mold growth or other air quality issues in your home or office. 

If mold is found, it does NOT need to be a scary or destructive process. We simply put only the needed protocol together and have the problem quickly fixed in as little as one day. We use only the most advanced and natural remediation methods available that allow us to be thorough, safe, and affordable without leaving any dangerous chemicals behind, or any doubts of a job well done. On top of that, we warranty our work for up to two years. Schedule your free inspection today and find out everything Moldease has to offer, including your peace of mind!

Suspect mold… Now what?

Call MOLDEASE!  We can handle all your mold testing and mold remediation needs. With many years of experience in Air Quality and Mold Remediation, our mold certified specialists can bring you the latest and most innovative mold cleanup techniques. MOLDEASE can handle your mold inspection, testing, and remediation with ease.  

We can provide you with a free no-obligation in-home initial inspection, and offer home mold tests, mold inspections, and mold removal services. We treat mold naturally in order to keep your home safe and are fully licensed and certified with the state of Florida for mold remediation. We service all the areas within the Treasure Coast: including Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie, Jensen Beach, and more.

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Natural Mold Treatment

We use naturally biodegrading hydrogen peroxide-based products, including Halomist medical-grade solution products.  We use ONLY these types of products for everything from our mold cleaning services, to mold stain removal, to whole-home sanitation fogging instead of harmful chemicals. Halomist naturally breaks down into environmentally friendly components- leaving behind only water and oxygen. This product is EPA registered and approved and delivers the best mold removal treatment because it off gases into natural compounds, yet is extremely effective.  So effective in fact that we will warranty our work for up to 2 years!

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Why is this better for you and your home?

Our process has many advantages making our green mold services safe for your families and pets to return home after treatment, in most cases on the very same day. The formulas are unscented & bleach and PAA free. They are healthcare-grade and composed of Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver and targets a range microbial growth including bacteria, viruses, fungi and is very effective against mold spores.

Our Mold Specialists

Our mold experts have many years of experience in Air Quality and Mold Remediation and provide our customers with a full range of services including free mold inspections and estimates using state-of-the-art inspection tools and techniques. They can test for mold in all areas of the property including air conditioning units, furniture, attics, basements, walls and in some cases may recommend a 3rd party mold assessment to be sure the proper protocol is set in place.  They will then analyze your home’s individual needs and make recommendations for either further assessment, prevention repairs or practices, or mold remediation, cleanup, and decontamination.

Each of our professional mold inspectors understands that mold and mildew can create elevated spore levels in the home’s atmosphere which could have possible negative impacts on your health, so fast mold detection and removal is our main priority.

Our Proven Effective Process

Every mold problem is unique and requires an initial mold inspection to determine the best & most cost-effective treatment service. Mold air testing, moisture detection, and visual inspections are all key components to an accurate mold treatment estimate.

Our mold removers first goal is safe containment of the mold in the affected area to limit mold exposure to the building occupants. If lab testing for mold is recommended, samples will be sent to our third-party lab for the mold analysis.  After the remediation area is identified and properly contained, the predetermined cleanup methods and procedures will begin. All remediation work is done with state-of-the-art equipment and uses industry-leading methods and standards to complete the job correctly according to the State of Florida.   Moldease then provides a limited 2-year warranty on our work to ensure your peace of mind of a job well done.


How can I make an appointment for a free home assessment?

You can call us at (833) 665-3327, or click here  to make an appointment.

What is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation is the treatment and removal of mold growth. It is stopping the environmental damage and growth of mold bringing the property back to a normal fungal ecology.  It requires proper moisture removal and prevention to stop the growth and spreading of active mold colonies in the property including proper cleaning and treatment to eliminate mold spore contamination.

What are the typical symptoms of a mold allergy?

Mold is a type of fungus that produces spores that float in the air like pollen. Mold is an allergen that causes symptoms in most people. When you breathe in spores your body thinks they will harm you and then your body attacks it leading to many classic allergy symptoms. This reaction could be very bad for your body and could include symptoms such as sneezing, itchy skin, rashes, hives, itchy nose and throat, coughing, trouble sleeping, and trouble breathing.  Always speak with a medical professional if you have or suspect someone is having these symptoms in your home.

These symptoms can be particularly dangerous in small children, elderly adults, and people with asthma. There is no way to prevent a mold allergy, but being able to lower the amount of mold in your home and workplace is the best way to handle this health problem.

If I have water damage in my home, do I need a mold treatment?

Cleanup and Mold Prevention Guidelines for Response to Clean Water Damage within 24-48hours to Prevent Mold Growth is outlined in the MOLDEASE, LLC Mold Remediation Standard of Practice.  It can never hurt to bring in a mold specialist to provide a professional opinion on your personal circumstances.  Feel free to schedule one of our specialists to come out for a free evaluation and second opinion of a water mitigation service to be sure you are not at risk of any mold issues.  The rule of thumb is, if it was wet for longer than 24-48 hours then mold growth has begun!

How do I prevent mold and why does it grow?

If you mix moisture with organic materials, especially building materials, for too long you will inevitably end up with some type of mold growth.  Mold prevention involves the control of temperature and moisture levels in water and vapor form. Wet materials that are not properly dried within 24-48 hours, especially porous and spongy materials, such as carpets, padding, cushions, wall or ceiling insulation that are not quickly dried properly can pose a big risk for potential mold growth. Keep a close eye on high incident locations like ceilings, floorings, under sinks, bathrooms, air conditioning condensate lines, and near plumbing for signs of moisture.  You should also regularly monitor the relative humidity of the air in the property to be sure the moisture level is not exceeding 60% relative humidity which could put you at risk of mold contamination. Always feel free to subscribe and follow us on our educational Moldease YouTube channel to see videos on what to look for and how to prevent mold in your home.

Can MOLDEASE provide a black mold test?

Yes, our professional mold inspection can supply a thorough mold assessment testing to be sent out for 3rd party analysis by one of the best labs in the country for all types of mold. The easy to read lab provided analysis report will give you great detail on the condition of the indoor environment of your home concerning mold. Finding what are known as toxic mold types, commonly referred to as “black mold”, in the home could be a serious issue and receiving prompt containment, removal, and decontamination is ideal.

How is Halosil killing mold?

Halosil binds to DNA of the mold stopping replication and function. It also binds to the enzymes of the cell resulting in the energy source being cut off. Through free oxygen radicals, the Halosil oxidizes and attacks the membrane and damages how the mold, bacteria, virus, and fungi function rendering them inert.  The primary component that causes this reaction is hydrogen peroxide which is the preferred method of the EPA to treat and kill mold.

Where is mold found?

Mold can be found just about anywhere where moisture can be found.  Locations like showers, wallpaper, ductwork, carpets, furniture, attics, and bookshelves are very common. Anywhere that has high humidity levels has a high risk for mold growth.

I found mold in my home, what can I do now?

Call or chat with us now and we will schedule your home inspection ASAP. Seeing mold growth in your home can be extremely alarming and we are here to help you each step of the way.